• What is IMMURE?

    Immure is a 2.5D psychological horror video game currently in development. Throughout this dark, twisted story, the protagonist Will Wicker traverses through a mysterious mansion that contains many strange realities to uncover the horrible truths behind each locked door. Will is desperate to escape this house of hells and discover the secrets of his past. Will soon realizes he has the ability to wield the Shining Trapezohedron, a supernatural crystal with strange powers. How far into the depths of hell must Will venture before finding solace?







  • Steam Early Access Release

     Today we release Crowman & Wolfboy on Early Access!

    It’s been a long and bumpy road but we were determined to deliver on our promise. I hope you’ll all enjoy this labor of love and support our ongoing development by downloading the game on Steam and sharing with your friends.

    As always, thank you for your support and continued interest!

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  • A New Year

    As 2016 begins, Wither Studios is working hard to make this a year of progress and success.

    2015 was a challenging year for us. We made mistakes but have learned from them; coming out stronger for it.  Last year we realized that Crowman & Wolfboy wasn’t pulling in enough to support further development. A new project was started with hopes of creating new interest, yet this project was causing strain on our team. We decided to approach that development in a new way that was as open as possible. However the project was proving to be too big and too muddled. Many debates (and sometimes arguments) were had over the direction of the project. The project saw several drastic changes during pre-production and ultimately ended up becoming even more convoluted. The stress this game was causing was enough to cause two of our teammates to walk away from Wither. This was a difficult adjustment to overcome but at our core we are still focused and driven by the same goal: to create engaging and thought provoking games!

    After a few failed attempts to save the project, the remaining members realized that we needed a new approach to development. “Too many cooks in the kitchen” was a term used quite a few times towards the end and that needed to change. During this time our programmer, Mike, showed us a game that he had been developing on his own. It was a 2D horror game with a pretty cool lighting system he had made. Once he showed his progress and explained the overall concept of what we’ll refer to as Project AMW, we loved it! Even though there is emotional pain in the loss of a project we’ve put a years worth of work into, we have adjusted our course and are confident in the new direction. We’ve been working on AMW for a couple of months now and will have more to share later. Additionally we are letting Mike direct this one, since it is his baby. This gives birth to our new system: a member who pitches a game we  like can direct that game. Restoring the focus that was lacking with an open development structure as well as letting any member have a shot at directing.

  • The Crow and the Wolf

    It’s been a long journey since Wither Studios began conceiving the shadows that would become Crowman & Wolfboy (C&W) and we’ve had many highs and lows during the development of our first game as an independent game company. More recently, people have begun to ask when new content would be coming as the game currently ends with a cliff hanger. Even though we would love to see all of our plans for C&W come to life, please understand that our situation may prevent this from happening.

    The Wither team works part time although it is our goal to eventually become full time! We began working on C&W towards the end of 2011. Shortly after development started, we created a Kickstarter to help us pay for things we couldn’t cover out of pocket. The Kickstarter was successful (the goal was for $4,000 and we got $6,000) and, after fees/reward fulfillment, we were left with less than $5K.

    After years of hard work, C&W was released on iTunes in October, 2013. Upon release on iOS, the game made about $7K with sales quickly dying down and flat lining after 3 months. At this time, we started a new promotion obtaining us almost 250,000 downloads (nearly all were free due to the promotion). Within a week of the promotion ending, sales spiked making us around $6,000 and the next three months pulled in about $300 per month followed by once again drastically declining sales. Although our user/professional reviews were good (averaging 4 1/2 stars and currently a 78 on meta critic), we just didn’t have the marketing funds to get the attention the game needed. Furthermore, Apple never featured us which is very important in the mobile industry for attaining sales. In 2014, C&W was selected to be a part of the Indie Showcase at PAX East bringing us the belief that this was exactly what we needed. However, we ended up spending way more money simply participating in PAX compared to the relatively few sales we gained in return. Surprisingly, PAX did not garner us much media attention despite being part of the Showcase.

    With sales floundering, we decided to restructure C&W for Android as a free to play game. After months of re-configuring the game to fit a free to play model (a necessity on Android), we released it on the Google Play Store and have made under $700 total to date (over 8 months). Up to this date, C&W has netted roughly 470,000 downloads and seen a profit of roughly $18,000 across all platforms. That may sound like a lot, but know that we still haven’t even been able to pay ourselves back for the amount of money each team member has contributed. Currently some of us have been working towards making C&W work on desktop for a Steam Early Access release on which the fate of C&W now rests. If it does well enough to support further development, then we can finish the expansions we want to create. However, if the sales are low then we cannot proceed with any further development for C&W without dumping our own personal money into something we will not see a return in.

    On a more positive note, the porting process to Steam doesn’t require the full team. As such, over the past few months we’ve been conjuring up our next game concept. We won’t say much besides that it will be something totally different from C&W and we are super pumped about it! We’ll share more details when things are further along!

  • Tekko Booth

    Hey everyone. We wanted to let the community know that some members of the Wither Team will be appearing at Tekko on April 17th-18th! Tekko will be hosted at the David Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. We will be showing off a development build of Crowman & Wolfboy on PC to show our progress for Early Access on Steam. The changes include new UI, controls and an altered game speed to help balance the ‘feel’ on PC. If you find yourself in the area, come check out the convention and meet us!

  • C&W Early Access GUI


    • main menu1440

      A mockup of the new Main Menu. The idea here is to visually show C&W running while the background layers pan by the camera. The moon rays will slowly rotate as well.

    • controllsB_1440

      Controls scheme mockup.

    • controlls3_1440

      Control button mapping.

    • environment_1440

      Environment and level selection screen, redesigned into a single screen.

    • win screen_1440

      Rethought end screen for whenever you win or die in any given level.

  • The Crowman & Wolfboy Art Book That Never Was

    During the development of C&W we often didn’t get a chance to reflect and look back on all of the work that we were putting into production of our first game. This art book was initially intended as a higher tier reward for Kickstarter backers but we didn’t get any backers for this tier. Looking through some of the work we did ended up being pretty cathartic for us as a team and we wanted to share. Check out the first few pages!

    • intro

      The initial company logo was the birthplace of Crowman & Wolfboy.

    • newLook

      The characters’ new look and movement gameplay iterations.

    • prototype

      The first game prototype with dual playing characters.

  • C&W Steam Early Access Update

    Over the past months, we’ve been hard at work updating Crowman & Wolfboy. The characters are now fully configured to support Unity’s 2D animations and they look great! It breaths a new life into the game. New levels have been finalized and bring a nice visual variety to the game with fully colored environments (there’s a story element to this but you’ll have to play to find out more). With the new levels come tougher enemies and obstacles as well as some new unlockable abilities and hidden collectables. The Android port has also launched, leaving us able to move on to what we’ve really been wanting to get our hands dirty with: the Steam version of Crowman & Wolfboy!

    We have the game currently running on both PC and Mac, with controller support! It feels awesome to control the game with a physical controller after years of flat touch screens. The team has been playing around with a few different control schemes to see what works the best. We are also in the process of redesigning the UI and tutorials as well as experimenting with some gameplay changes. Additionally, there are a few things that still need to be made compatible with the Steam build such as cut scenes, dialog boxes, achievements and certain level transitions. Those are the aspects to be tackled next.

  • Social Reboot

    Hey everyone!

    In an effort to post more frequent updates and strengthen our communication with the community, this is the first of what will be monthly updates from Wither Studios! It is our intention to discuss not only our projects but also video game development in general. One of our goals is to be more transparent with what we have done, are doing and intend on doing.

    In order to shed some light on the Wither team, let’s start with how we function. Within the walls here at Wither, everyone is considered an equal voice and can give their opinion into all matters of the company. This includes not just decisions dealing with our products, but also the company itself. We are a permanent team of five and many of us work on multiple aspects of our projects. We’re a learning team, so we also have had friends pop in on a project to lend their expertise on hurdles such as sound design, back-end coding and other various visual design guidance.  In a smaller group like ours, it’s essential for members to wear many hats. On top of that, we all currently run Wither in our own personal spare time, meaning sometimes things take longer than what we would like them to.

    However, we do have our eyes set on something much larger than just making games in our spare time. Our ultimate goal is to take the raw talent within Wither Studios and forge a full time, sustainable career. Until that day arrives, we work through it all doing what we love even if it means making personal sacrifices.

    Thanks for reading!