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Wither Studios
Based in Pittsburgh, PA, USA

October 2013


Future Platforms:
Android, Steam

Action/Adventure Platformer


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Press / Marketing Contact:
Doyle Daigle


Crowman & Wolfboy


Crowman & Wolfboy are two shadow creatures who feel they are destined for a life beyond the banality of The Dark World. Their only hope rests on a fateful scrap of paper depicting a greater civilization of the mysterious “humans.” Their fellow creatures are wild and carnal beasts that lack the cognizance that Crowman & Wolfboy posses. As they race to leave the shadows and find humanity, an ancient evil rises up to prevent their adventure! This Darkness is relentless and will stop at no avail to foil our protagonists’ plans. Follow Crowman & Wolfboy as they journey through time and space searching for the lost civilization and piecing together the mysteries of human nature.


Crowman & Wolfboy is scheduled for release in three major parts: World One, World Two and World Three. Immediate target platforms include iOS, Android and Steam/PC. The iOS consists of Premium model and the Android release features a comparable Free to Play model. The expected Steam release will include more content, higher baseline graphics and optimized controls for PC.

Key Features

  • 30+ levels of challenging platforming action!
  • Unlock new and special abilities
  • Run, Jump, Fly, Climb, Smash, and more with intuitive swipe controls
  • Collect light orbs that push back the pursuing Darkness
  • Captivating soundtrack by Hildor of Dethlehem
  • Find hidden items, unlock ancient knowledge and save the babies!
  • Unique play modes with fun tilt controls!
  • Infinite Space mode!
  • Continue the adventure across new worlds in future updates!

Development History

  • 2010: Web-based prototype
  • 2011: Successful kickstarter helped raise starting funds to buy software
  • 2012: PAX East showed playable demo
  • 2013 Launched Part 1 on iOS
  • 2014: PAX East Indie Showcase, First reveal of Part 2

The team at Wither Studios created Crowman & Wolfboy as an expression of their appreciation for childhood platformers. These games have helped remind the team how unforgiving games used to be. Every level a gauntlet, movements needed to be planned and perfectly timed for fear of restarting. Every small win an epic achievement for the brave few that dare test the waters and push through the challenging puzzle. Gothic influences are also apparent in Crowman & Wolfboy and the team searched for creative ways to incorporate these mature themes into a lighthearted story and a visually appealing art style. There are hints of science fiction within the story and design of C&W. The mysteries that lie within the voids of space provide a vast landscape to paint countless story possibilities and interesting twists in what a contemporary platformer can offer.

Artistic Statement

Crowman & Wolfboy is a fusion of retro and modern games with the primary goal to be a fun distraction from everyday life and a secondary goal of guiding users to question the very life we crave distraction from. Our game was created to fill the void of challenging platformers on mobile devices, and provide a comical yet melancholy story driven experience. We wanted to create a story about the hardships of life, not fitting in, and seeking something greater and more meaningful. We used the contrast of light pushing back the dark to reinforce the struggle Crowman & Wolfboy face throughout their journey. Color is introduced to the dark world at specific points in the story to represent found knowledge, propelling Crowman & Wolfboy forward across the universe. Ultimately, we want the player to question the possibilities of something beyond the realm of normalcy.



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