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    • Baby_BoneBaby_Detail

      If the tone and the dynamic between the two characters don’t instantly grab you, do me a favor and play a few levels until you unlock Wolfboy’s dash ability. Use it three times to tire him out and watch how he and Crowman interact. Their totally silent relationship alone makes this five stars; the slick, unlocked platforming and the strange world you’re invited into seal the deal.

      – Crawlkill
    • Baby_LizardFly_Detail

      This is a solid game. It’s just odd enough and fun enough to keep me really addicted. I find myself walking from the kitchen to the living room looking back for a wall of darkness.

      – Dan Lovoie
    • Baby_CurleyBeak_Detail

      As addictive as it is gorgeous. Challenging yet intuitive controls. Designed beautifully.

      – Derek Krystek
    • Baby_JackaloBat_Detail

      After purchasing this game I have no time for family or friends. I feel like Wolfboy speaks to me personally. They’ve sent a therapist fellow over again today but they won’t pry me away from my phone.

      – Lordlilf
    • Baby_FatCat_Detail

      This is for real gamers looking for a challenge. A must play!!

      – Tilly0ubleed