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About Us

Obscured Steve

You may also know me as Portable Moose, my solo project, where I am creating the dark adventure series, Sally Face.

Obscured John

I block out the levels including geometry, texturing and try to accurately match key location concept art into Unity.

Obscured Mike

I serve as general director on IMMURE to ensure consistency and that it stays true to the original vision.

Obscured Doyle

It was exciting to no only get to explore creating a UI for an oldschool horror experience, but I also really enjoyed creating terrifying art pieces for IMMURE.

Obscured Brian

My background is programming of various kinds from Web to Mobile to VR and to Microcontrollers. When not programming, I enjoy flying my drone and growing my beard.

Obscured Jason

I’ve been into music and audio since I was 13 when I bought my first guitar, and have since had a winding path that led me right to where I want to be; designing and composing for video games!